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Animal Chiropractic in Sudbury

Care for Our Four-legged Friends

Sudbury Animal Chiropractic

Limping is one of the most common reasons horse owners call Dr. Sherrie.

Did you know that chiropractic can benefit our other family members — our pets? Dr. Sherrie, who is also an animal chiropractor, sees mainly dogs and cats (and occasionally horses).

“I see a lot of English or Western riders that want their horses adjusted.” For horses, she does “barn calls” and sees the horse in their normal environment. Limping is one of the common reasons why owners call Dr. Sherrie. Another reason is the horse’s inability to turn its head to one side as well as the other.

For dogs and cats, Dr. Sherrie has an off-site home practice where she sees these animals. She usually sees dogs that have some limping or are not walking properly. For dogs that are limping Dr. Sherrie will check out their spine and often find that something is going on with it.

Help for a Variety of Issues

Whether a dog flinches when you pet certain areas or barks or yelps due to a sore spot, Dr. Sherrie can help. She also cares for dogs that need to improve agility for sporting competitions or require a faster time for dog sledding.

Maintaining Integrity of Nervous System

Dog Adjustment

Help your dog live a healthy and active life!

The general idea of chiropractic for animals is the same as it is for people. It’s focused on maintaining the integrity of the nervous system, by looking at the spine, as well as the extremities, including their legs. Unless there’s a reason not to, Dr. Sherrie will adjust the animal on the first visit.

A Complement to Veterinary Care

As an animal chiropractor, Dr. Sherrie emphasizes that she’s not the animal’s primary health care practitioner. That’s the veterinarian. “Chiropractic is not meant to replace veterinary medicine; we’re a complementary service.”

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