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Reviews for Dr. Sherrie Guillet


Dr.Sherri was amazing with my newborn son. ˜William T.

Your office feels very welcoming when u walk in Lise was awesome for my first impression of her and Dr Sherry’ answered my questions about my back condition I now know where my problem areas are that are causing so much pain ˜Marianne T.

Very person-centered. She really took her time with me and I didn’t feel rushed along like at other chiropractors I have seen previously. Thank you so very much. Keep up the fantastic job. ˜Valrie M.

Dr Guillet is very caring and attentive in regards to her patients well being. She came up with a plan to help me with some neck issues, and now she is helping me with a knee injury. Thank you for all your help Dr Guillet! ˜Scott S.

Being a first time patient to anything chiropractic or message related… the whole concept made me very apprehensive about seeking this kind of care in any respect. My apprehension was quickly and effectively addressed. The detail, professionalism and comfortable atmosphere cemented for me that I had made the right choice and decision to seek out these able health care providers to address my issues. ˜Steven K.

I really liked the energy shared and the trust….it always helps when you have great references and then you confirm with your own intuition. namaste. ˜Caroline L.

Great chiropractor, great staff!

They are thorough and care about their patients. I have found my new chiropractor in Sudbury. ˜Monica T.

I met Dr. Sherrie Guillet three months prior to my accident back in 2012. Dr Sherrie has helped me tremendously. She is a great example for me, she listens to me, guides me and treats me regularly with chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture and TBM. Dr. Sherrie has accepted me for me since day one. Many times, I’ve walked in her office a little irritated because of stress in my life and I ALWAYS walk out of there smiling and laughing! I believe I can function better, be positive, love myself and accept the flow of life because I have Dr Sherrie on my team! I can Be who I really am meant to Be!

I thank God for Dr Sherrie and all her skills, patience and dedication! With love and light, Marianne

Rather than taking medication for tension headaches, I wanted to see if chiropractic care could make a difference. Under the care of Dr. Sherrie Guillet, my headaches are fewer, shorter and less intense. She was extremely helpful and informative throughout my pregnancy which has also carried over to my infant son’s care. The staff are very friendly and caring and they offer flexible hours, which makes the entire experience very positive! Highly recommended! ˜Jill

These are the qualities that come to mind when describing Doctor Sherrie:
Delicate Outstanding Caring Trustworthy Open minded Relaxed
Special Humble Example Respectful Resourceful Intelligent Excellent

I was experiencing severe back pain to the point that I could barely walk anymore and needed help with everyday aspects of care, doctors were doing nothing and someone recommended chiropractic care. By my second visit I knew what was wrong and it was such a relief. I found out I have scoliosis and within about 6 adjustments I was able to walk without a cane and sleep in my bed again. It has now been over a month and I am pain free and back to work and I am so grateful for Dr. Sherrie Guillet. If it wasn’t for her I would probably still be stuck on the couch needing full time care. ˜Dru

I needed someone that understood what I was going through and that could help me with my pain. I had been with a lot of chiropractors before but what I found here was the relief that others seemed to not find, people that pursue a career and then continue on the search to improve their practice. Now that’s what I call “dedication”. It is a long journey ahead but comfort and painless nights & days, which I have found. The staff are great. They keep up with rendezvous (my appointments) which is important to me. Thank you for caring, I owe you so much. ˜Jacques
quote-rightI started seeing Dr. Sherrie Guillet in the Fall of 2010. As a patient accustomed to chiropractic adjustments, which has spanned a couple of decades, I was expecting a typical experience when my sessions with Dr. Guillet began. However, I quickly realized that Dr. Guillet did not fall into the “typical” category and was in fact an extraordinary chiropractor whose meticulous approach brought new meaning to the word caregiver. Dr. Guillet’s rapport with me has been exemplary. In addition, her gentle manner and extensive knowledge regarding long-standing back injuries and their consequences, quickly led to a treatment plan that included acupuncture as well as chiropractic. Dr. Guillet took the time to explain to me the science of acupuncture and answered all of my questions thoroughly. To my delight, after my first joint acupuncture/chiropractic treatment, I exited the clinic essentially pain free for the first time in 22 years! Finally, I had been shown a remedy to my chronic pain condition that did not include prescription and over-the-counter medication. I am ecstatic about this awesome deliverance and have Dr. Guillet to thank for that! Finally, I would encourage anyone living with chronic pain to visit Dr. Guillet. She is an awesome clinician and her skill as both a chiropractor and acupuncturist might very well be what you need to ease your pain and suffering. ˜ John S.

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