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What to Expect

After you book your initial visit, you will receive an email with a link to the electronic intake forms.  We ask that you complete these forms (within your email) before you come in for your first visit.  When you visit our relaxing office, our Chiropractic Health Assistant will warmly welcome you. Please come 10 minutes prior to your appointment to be ready to see the chiropractor at your scheduled appointment time.

Your First Visit

Our relaxing patient waiting area.

Our relaxing patient waiting area.

Our Chiropractic Health Assistant will take you to an exam room where Dr. Sherrie will review your health history with you. She wants to make sure she knows everything that’s going on with your health. The doctor will then do an exam that includes checking how you can bend and move, assessing the joints of your spine and as well as any other areas such as your shoulder. They will then perform the following scans using the Insight Subluxation Station:

  • Thermal scanning
  • EMG
  • Heart Rate Variability (CoreScore)

The doctor will also check your blood pressure. If X-rays are necessary, the doctor will refer you to a nearby facility that does them. Our doctor may not adjust on the first visit as she might want to wait until she reviews everything that’s been done. Please plan to reserve 45 minutes to an hour for this visit.

The Second Visit

If you had X-rays taken, the doctor will show you your results. She will also give you a small folder that will contain all of your results from the initial visit. The doctor will review with you the results of your scans and where you have subluxations in your spine. She will explain chiropractic in more detail and what your plan of management includes.

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